The Top Five Parties for Digital Nomads in 2019

Digital nomad is a term you’ll start to hear more, as more people shed off their apartments and belonging and take to the road with just their laptop and a flare for living. Traveling the world is everyone’s dreams, but for the thousands of people who call themselves nomads, that dream is a reality. But when you’re constantly traveling, forming lasting relationships and networking with peers is a little harder. Which is why events like festivals and conferences that cater to the digital nomad lifestyle can be important, and also super fun.

Already traveling, or looking to set out on the road yourself?

Here are five of the must-see events of 2019 you won’t want to miss!

  • Burning Man August 25th - September 2, Nevada

Burning Man is less of a festival than it is a pop-up city. In the flat wasteland of the Black Rock Desert in Nevada, thousands of people come together to build Black Rock City, a series of camps dedicated to art installations and immersive experiences. Tickets can be pricey, and hard to get, but once you’re in, you’ll have the opportunity to meet some of the most dynamic voices in culture today.

  • Nomads Festival June 29th, Amsterdam

This summer in Amsterdam, Netherlands, thousands of nomads will gather to celebrate couchsurfing, hitchhiking, telecommuting, and all the other things that make their lifestyle unique. Full of DJs, artists, and people looking for their soul tribe just like you, this is a not-miss event in one of the coolest cities on the planet.

  •  The Festival of Creativity June 21st - July 1st, Czech Republic

 With only a 100 open spots, this little gathering in the rolling green hills of the Czech Republic billed as a week of free learning, dynamic expression, and of course creative pursuits. Every person who comes to the festival is invited to do one of the workshop spaces and share their own vision with the other participants.

  • Summit LA 2019 November 8-11th, Los Angeles

 Billed as the world’s preeminent ideas festival, Summit brings together some of the most talented, innovative, intelligent modern thinkers for four days of sharing, learning, and networking. With over 80 speakers covering everything from hedge funds to New Orleans jazz to gene editing, there’s something to learn around every corner, making this a must-see event.


  • DNX Festival, June 8th and 9th, Berlin

 This annual global digital nomad conference is two days packed full of speakers that like you have chosen the location-independent lifestyle. Network with peers, find mentors, learn tricks for living on the road successfully, and explore the amazing global metropolis that is Berlin.


  • 7in7 Digital Nomad Conference, Oct. 22nd - 29th, New Zealand

 The 7in7 concept was started three years ago by a team of remote workers and nomads who wanted an event to help their global community come together and share ideas. Taking place on a different continent every year, the fourth installment will be in Wellington, New Zealand this year. (If you want in on the 2022 Antarctica conference, they’re taking deposits now.) The 7in7 team is all about learning from other experienced nomads, to help you build the globe-trotting life you aspire to, but participation is capped at 100, so get your ticket early!