To Stay Healthy, Fill Your Home with Plants

Congratulations, you finally kept that succulent alive! Now you’re ready to graduate to the next level of plant-person: multiple house plants.

We’ve all had houseplant envy in the home of a friend who somehow has that magic green touch, and fills their space with leaves and flowers. But it turns out house plants may also be keeping you and your loved ones healthy too.

●      Plants are Natural Air Filters

Americans spend a huge amount of our days inside, either at home or in the office. But that doesn’t mean we’re not still breathing in car fumes and other pollutants from outside. Luckily, filtering air is what plants were made to do! Certain plants are rockstars when it comes to the removal of pollutants in your air such as formaldehyde, benzene, trichloroethylene and carbon monoxide. English ivy, for instance, is a plant we’re used to seeing outside as ground cover. But hanging in a window, it makes a powerful air filter that grows quickly. And it’s nearly impossible to kill, because it thrive in both shade and full sun, so it’s perfect for even the darkest closest of an apartment. Peace lilies and spider plants are other easy-to-care-for potted plants that will keep the air in your house clean and healthy, but require only the most basic of care. And for the office, consider something like a dragon tree, which can survive in low, indirect light.

Plants help clean not only pollutants from the air, but dust and irritants as well. So if you suffer from indoor allergies, the more plants the better.

●      Plants Help Balance the Humidity

Blasting the heat in the winter can leave you feeling itchy and dry, which can then lead to sinus infections and flaky skin. But in the winter, indoor plants release more water vapor from their leaves, helping to replenish some of the lost moisture in your air. That will help stave off the infamous winter dry skin, and give your body a boost in fighting off sore throats and sinus problems.  

●      Plants are Natural Creativity and Mood Boosters

Face it, you stare at screens way too much. Phones. Computers. Tablets. The constant scrolling is not only mind-numbing, it’s physically fatiguing as well and a common cause of stress. But if you’re not quite ready to delete your social media accounts, the next best thing is to put your phone down and spend a few minutes staring at some green leaves. Studies have shown that being among green foliage helps reduce frustration and increase the cerebral response associated with creativity. And plants actually help increase productivity in the office!

So go ahead and hit the garden stores this Spring. Look for plants that can thrive in many types of light. Be sure to take a few minutes and research each type you buy, rather than just relying on the little plastic card for care instructions. With a little effort, your home can also be a calming green oasis.