Travel More, Without Busting Your Entire Budget 

We all want to travel more, and we all have those certain friends who seem to do it all the time. Every month, they are jetting off to a new exotic locale, and while you know they have a good job, you didn’t realize it was *that* good of a job. How do they do it?

It’s true that international travel can be expensive, and we can’t help you with taking time off work (they must have a *really* good job if they are going every month), there are certain tricks that will help you pull off more dream vacations.

1)    Look Beyond the Well Known Spots

Sure, Paris is great, but there is a reason tickets and hotel are so expensive, because everyone is headed there for their honeymoon. Try looking at a map with a little more imagination. If you’re looking for a European vacation, there are hundreds of beautiful beach towns or smaller cities that don’t get quite as much traffic as Paris or Berlin. For a tropical getaway, look at Haiti or Nicaragua, places that in the past have gotten a bad rap for tourists but have recently been trying to revamp their images. Did you know Uruguay and Senegal are both now popular vacation destinations? So look around and try some places you might not have thought of. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the cost.

2)    Subscribe to a Ticket Site.

There are several sites that can help you find the best airline ticket prices. Your mindset makes a big difference here, because the more flexible you are about where you’re going, the better deals you will find. The Flight Deal is a great site if you’re based in America, and if you’re in Europe, try Secret Deal. We also love Holiday Pirates and Scott’s Cheap Flights. Scott’s Cheap Flights offers several different levels of subscription, so you can sign up for free to get emails about daily deals, or you can upgrade to get alerts for places you specifically want to go.

3)    Research Where Your Dollar Will Go Further

World economics may seem like a lot of homework, but doing a little research before picking your travel destination can pay off big time. Ever thought about a trip to Hungary? The exchange rate between the dollar and the Hungarian forint will decrease by six percent in 2019, making it a cheap option to stretch your budget further. Colombia is another increasingly budget-friendly choice, with flights from the US to Colombia averaging 550 dollars for a roundtrip flight.

4)    Go Off Season

In the Spring, Savannah, Georgia is a mecca for tourists, who flock there for the blooming flowers and early warm weather. But if you plan your trip in October instead, you’ll find much better hotel deals, and no lines at the city’s many famous restaurants. And the best part is while back home, your co-workers are dealing with freezing temps and rain, Savannah will still be sunny, and in the balmy 70s. In fact, Fall is a great time to schedule a trip to more tropical places, whether it’s Florida or Marrakech.

So open your mind to some out-of-the-box travel ideas, and you’ll find yourself jetting off a little more frequently. Happy Traveling!