“A Life Worth Living”


No matter who we are, where we live or what we do, we only live once. Our life is precious and unique, our time is scarce and irreplaceable. You had better make it count! At YOLO™ we strive to maximize quality of life and the depth of our experiences in this life. The last question we ask ourselves each night before bed is “Did I live today like there was no tomorrow?”

We are a Startup formed by a group of like-minded folks who don’t want to watch life pass us by. When we first started feeling “adult life” looming us like an ominous cloud, we felt the urge to make every day count, to be the best versions of ourselves and to face each day as an opportunity to restart and improve. Life optimization, if you will.

St Thomas Aquinas taught us that “ubique diei malitia sua”, which is to say that sufficient for the day is it’s own trouble and its own good. You cannot fight every trouble in one single day, as you cannot realize all the goodness of the world in one day exclusively. This is the mission we live by. We live one day at a time. That’s what this mindset means. That you should take each day as it comes. That you should face each day as a chance to do better than the last. Be present. Be grateful. Be better. We may only live one life, but it starts anew as each new day dawns.

We offer content, experiences & workshops to provide you the moments you need to learn how to live by this creed.

You Only Live Once. Make it count.™